About Us

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Barbarossa blends Mediterranean flavours with a touch of local charm. We source locally made ingredients, fresh from the Balinese soil; this local produce is then crafted into homemade recipes, from pickles, ragu and pasta, to patisserie, steaks and cakes.

Our rustic wood-fired oven ensures a steady flow of authentic Italian pizzas, while chef’s creations combine sun-kissed flavours from the Mediterranean with hearty Iberian soul food and the elegant artistry of French cuisine. Added to this melting pot are middle-eastern recipes from Morocco and Lebanon, completing an array of globe-trotting taste adventures.

Looking for a quick bite? Or maybe a little indulgence on the go? Our Bistro-Deli serves freshly baked bread and viennoiserie, along with a tempting selection of artisan cheeses, charcuterie and a wide array of artisan treats; the perfect start to the day, or a satisfying pit stop along the way. From olive groves in the Med to the swaying palms of Asia, Barbarossa opens the door to a world of culinary wonders.

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We source, create and operate with sustainability in mind. This means treading lightly when it comes to energy use, making sure we integrate respectfully with local cultures, and ultimately allowing our guests to enjoy the fruits of the Earth without compromising its health. Sustainability is at the root of Barbarossa.

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The Team



When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Renato Domini decided it was now or never. He had been the CEO of a successful travel operator, but now the time had come to take a leap of faith, turn his passion into a profession and open his very own restaurant. A dedicated chef with a love for travel and an eye for good food, he rolled up his sleeves and got ready to dive right in.

Originally from Switzerland, but with Spanish and Italian heritage, even Renato’s passport has the ingredients of a classic Mediterranean dish! Baked into each of his business interests is a passion for travel, garnished by a penchant for the unique and an appreciation of style. This multicultural background is the secret ingredient behind every recipe at Barbarossa. Supported by a passionate and talented culinary team, Barbarossa is Renato’s dream come true.


Our dedicated team can provide safe and satisfying catering services for private functions and special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and corporate events. We also offer bespoke in-villa dining experiences and chef encounters. Please contact us for more information, and find out how Barbarossa can elevate your dining experience.

All restaurant, catering and takeaway services conform to the very highest standards of food safety and hygiene, to ensure that when you dine with us, you dine with peace of mind.