About Us


Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Barbarossa blends Mediterranean flavours with a touch of local charm. At Barbarossa, we source locally grown ingredients, fresh from the Balinese soil. This local produce is then used for our homemade recipes, from our delicious pickles to ragu, pasta, pizza and much more.

Our rustic oven bakes authentic Italian pizzas, while the chef’s creations blend flavors from the Mediterranean with hearty Iberian soul food and the best of French cuisine.


We source, create and operate with sustainability in mind. This means treading lightly when it comes to energy use, using local ingredients, and ultimately allowing our guests to enjoy great food without compromising sustainability.

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The Owner

Renato Domini, the CEO of a successful travel company, decided to turn his passion into a profession and opened his very own restaurant in Sanur in May of 2021. As a dedicated chef with a love for travel and an eye for good food, he rolled up his sleeves and got ready to dive right in.

Originally from Switzerland but with Spanish and Italian heritage, Renato’s background provided the perfect blend of cultures for opening a Mediterranean restaurant.

Having travelled extensively throughout his life, he learned to appreciate the diversity of different countries and cuisines, which helped him develop his unique menu concept at Barbarossa. With his ideas and recipes implemented by his talented kitchen team, Renato’s dream of owning a restaurant in Bali has come true.

In May of 2023, Renato opened the second Barbarossa location in Seminyak Square Shopping Mall, one of Bali’s most popular areas. This restaurant has not only more seats available but also a cosy outdoor area with a unique dining concept in a glamping tent.


Do you have a special occasion coming up? Why stress about cooking for all the guests yourself? 

We offer a reliable and satisfying catering service for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and corporate events. Not only can you order all dishes from our menu, but we can also create a customized menu tailored to your wishes and preferences.

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